Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taking the easy way actually allowed!

I'm a big fan of struggling. I love hardship. Well, that's what I've deciphered from my 26 years of life choices; I rarely make things easy for myself. This year in Cork, a year of experimentation and re-invention, has opened my eyes to the boundaries I place on myself. The obstacles I have encountered to my potential success in the past are far outnumbered by those which I have created myself. Whether it's sport, college, relationships or even baking, I seem to find the most difficult way to do things, then hammer away at it until the inevitable crush of stress forces me to reassess my options. In fact, so accustomed I am to the struggle I actually don't know how to handle things when they go smoothly.

They say that identifying a problem is half the battle. Hopefully the other half is solved with chocolate chip cupcakes...

Even if they are from a packet... *gasp* :)