Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Cake Binge! :)

I think I may have overdosed on cake this weekend... :) My sister had very kindly made a Chocolate Praline Cake so that I wouldn't have to bake my own birthday cake, it suited me nicely actually as she let me play around with some Coffee Icing and cover the side in swirly patterns! (Please excuse the crookedness of these swirls, I'm still getting the hang of symmetry in cake decorating!) I had also brought down some of the many leftover vanilla cupcakes from the farmer's market, there were just NO customers this week, it was almost a waste of time! The cupcakes went down well with my family anyway, especially when I iced them individually to suit their preferences, and let them decorate with chocolate/strawberries/sprinkles etc. It's definitely more fun to decorate with people than it is to bake with them! We topped off that sugar overdose with meringues from a local patisserie in Kinsale, just couldn't resist them once my Mum served them up with fresh cream and strawberries.. mm...
So it's no wonder my clothes are tight on me this morning!! I have no excuses for missing training this evening after that binge-fest! :D


  1. Happy Birthday! I see you got cake and cupcakes too - lucky girl :-)

    It is lovely to read about the life of a stall holder and I will definitely check in regularly. Can I ask what was involved in getting a stall? Me hopes (and prays!) to be living in Co. Clare in a few months and am sussing it out as an option. Any advice??

  2. I was very lucky indeed! :) I'm not really a proper stall holder I'm afraid, I've had a very fortunate introduction to market life in that I didn't need to buy a table/umbrella etc. It was all provided for me in the Newmarket on Fergus Farmer's Market. I don't know if the other Clare markets are quite so welcoming but this one is great fun. It's mostly a social occasion to be honest, there just isn't enough customers for it to be a genuine source of income for anyone! :D

  3. Very cute cupcakes!

  4. Thank you!! :D I've really dragged my Birthday out this year, with a whole week of celebrations! I think I had 4 Birthday Cakes in total! And numerous gifts, cards and good wishes. I feel ever so spoilt! :D

    Must post on the Last Day of the Market. It was a lot of fun! :)