Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pastry Practice

Please excuse the poorly lit photograph, and the dishevelled crust, but this is just practice! :) I don't really get a chance to work with pastry very often but I bought a new pie dish recently, and I was given some rhubarb at the market the other day, and then I saw this post on A Scone's Throw and even though the pie was a mess it looked delicious! :) So I made pie! I haven't seen Strawberry & Rhubarb as a combination in Ireland but it seems to be fairly commonplace on US foodie blogs so when I saw my roommate's strawberries in the fridge I figured she wouldn't mind if I used a few for this experiment. I loved it! More importantly, she loved it! I'm a big rhubarb fan and I'd happily eat it on its own, simply stewed with a little sugar, but add in the strawberries and it was divine!
I also experimented with savoury shortcrust, see that quiche in the background there, it was inadvertently a Vegetarian one, ie. I had spinach, mushroom & tomato, so that's what went in it. I have to admit there is a certain level of pride to baking one's dinner (& dessert). :D
I would post the recipes but they were very very simple... Just a basic shortcrust of flour, salt, butter & water for the savoury pastry, I added some caster sugar to the sweet version. The quiche was just eggs, milk, veggies, salt & pepper. The pie was just strawberries, rhubarb and some caster sugar. Simples! :)


  1. Lovely! I'm so glad my disaster inspired you, and I'm even more thrilled that you liked the combination. I had never even HAD strawberry-rhubarb pie until I ate the scraps of that one that survived the fall. The quiche looks tasty, too!

  2. Hi Allie! :) Thanks for stopping by! I loved the strawberry-rhubarb combo! And it got a big thumbs up from my friends at work too! I think it was actually even nicer the next day! :)

  3. Strawberry rhubarb pie brings back so many great childhood memories :-) Heck I still rob my grandma's rhubarb plant in the spring when my strawberries are thriving with the hope of actually making it.

    Think it looks great and lighting is over rated anyways.

  4. Lucky you Jeff, I don't have any homegrown fruit! I do have locally grown rhubarb & strawberries though, yay for the Farmers Markets! :)

    I must get a decent camera, I'm taking my foodie pics on my Sony Ericsson phone! Admittedly it's an 8mp camera, but still, it's a phone! :)