Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Weekend Off!

Instead of baking dozens of cupcakes (& laboriously icing them...), I spent the weekend catching up with friends and family. It was the August Bank Holiday weekend here in Ireland, and in expectation of a low turnout we had the foresight to cancel the Market. This suited me perfectly as my sister had given birth just last Monday and this was my first chance to see the new Mummy & Baby! I had thought of baking something to mark the new arrival, but I decided to truly take the weekend off and buy a special treat instead.
When it comes to buying a treat... it had to be the Chocolate Biscuit Cake from the newest little bakery in my town, the Fairy Queen. So far I have only tried this and the Vanilla Cake, but she seems to have quite a range of flavours. The choice of novelty decoration is endlessly creative and the wedding cakes are just beautiful! I'm extremely fussy about my choice of desserts, especially those I buy from bakeries, but her Chocolate Biscuit Cake is just heavenly! I'd ask for the recipe if I wasn't afraid I'd make it (and eat it all!) And no, I'm not on commission, I'm just all for supporting local bakers!! :)

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