Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 10: Most irregular...

This week was quite odd in that most of the customers were new to us, and we were missing a lot of the old regulars! I'm using that as one of the excuses that I was left with so much cake at the end of the day! It wasn't a problem as such... other than my diet going to pieces... but the Coffee Cupcakes I made this week were perfect for my sister's birthday celebrations instead of the Coffee Layer Cake she had requested. It's an old family favourite that we normally buy from a local bakery and I had never attempted to recreate their recipe, until now of course. I'm glad I did though, because I think we may have surpassed their version with this rich coffee & vanilla cake. I was worried I might have added too much coffee, but apparently the family were happy with this improvement! So other than overdosing on cake this weekend, my baking was a success! :)

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