Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 7: Unnecessarily Stressful! :)

After last weekend's excessive baking I thought that this week would be a breeze... I was even proud of myself for baking the requested Carrot Cake in advance, figuring I'd be overly-prepared for the morning... I should have known better! :) It all started with a territorial issue in the kitchen on Friday night, how inconvenient it is that my housemate likes to cook dinner for herself and needed (my!) oven to do it... :) I had to shelve my ego and be as patient as possible, no easy feat for me, so as soon as I regained control over the kitchen I was back on track.. I just finished a good bit later than planned...
So the early Saturday morning start was a bit tougher/non-existent as I dragged myself out of bed at 8am I knew I was going to be late! And of course, as it always is when you are late, things take longer than normal to do, resulting in a very chaotic and uncharacteristically disorganised start to the Market for me! Ah it all worked out in the end of course, the girls are great to lend a hand when I need to pop home for a forgotten cake stand or equally important item!
We were in a new spot this week, with the car park being occupied for a church service we were detoured to a grassy spot just around the corner, and it worked out really nicely. We also had a smaller number of stalls this week, due to holidays and injuries, but there was still a great buzz! :)


  1. OMG, yum!! I wish I could come to your farmers market!

  2. Hi Kate! :) Glad you like.... Just wish I could courier them to you! :D