Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 9: Some Friendly Competition...

I was really happy with the presentation of the stall this week, the red tablecloth provided a beautiful backdrop for the chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, as well as my pretty tins (from Tesco of all places!) The changeable and predominantly damp weather kept the customers at bay, and those who dared to venture out were met with a number of baking alternatives this week; from Marian's fresh (& delicious!) scones to the chocolate caramel slices on offer from the schoolgirls beside me. Whatever the reason for my reduced sales this week, I was glad of it! I had many mouths to feed post-Market so it suited me to not make such a profit from this week's baking efforts!
From getting soaked at a market stall, to getting soaked on a tag rugby pitch at the Pig & Porter, I didn't get a chance to dry off much this weekend! But I can safely say that I was able to express my competitive side to its fullest! There was a nice merging of the two interests when I was able to talk shop with Sarah, while supporting her team once ours was defeated, camaraderie is easy once winning is no longer the goal! And the leftovers were gratefully received by my teammates, thus duly excusing my late arrival at the festival!


  1. Thanks Cassie! It's a pity that we were getting rained upon so much, but the table did look pretty! :D

  2. Hi Siobhan, I'm loving your blog! I'm glad you're pushing on with the market despite the tough start. I know how it feels to be up against the weather and all the other factors that mean you have leftover cake on your hands. Your stuff looks beautiful though and I'm sure in the weeks to come it'll be flying off your lovely tablecloth. I can't wait to read more.

  3. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for commenting! Glad you like my little blog, it's only a fledgling at the moment! The market has been great despite all the setbacks, it really is a convenient way to express my baking obsession! :) I can't wait to read your updates too! :)