Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Robbing Recipes!

I've been trawling the internet to find the right cupcake recipe to complement my Vanilla Cupcakes at the market this weekend, and I've found this Chocolate Cupcake recipe courtesy of my favourite Cupcake Blog. I think this sounds perfect for my market audience, nice and chocolatey but not too complicated so it should be easy enough to prepare. I don't think it counts as robbing a recipe if I give full credit though... :)
My next plan is to work on my Icing skills.. (which are sorely lacking at the moment!) The first step is to find some decent Icing Equipment, and this is proving harder than I'd imagined. I've been looking online, but I think I'd be better off looking at the shops around like The Kitchen Range in Limerick. Ideally I'd do an Icing or Sugar Craft Course.. but baby steps... :)

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