Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 3:

The weather was so changeable this week that it may have scared the Cupcake Customers from coming out.. business was slow.. well it was to begin with.. but thankfully my regular customers (and some of my mates!) returned and I was practically sold out again! Those Vanilla Cupcakes are a BIG hit, I won't be messing with that recipe, though I may become a bit more creative with decorating in future.

It was only my third week in the Farmer's Market and I feel at home already, it really helps that everyone who works there is very welcoming and friendly! New members seem to be joining regularly so hopefully the Market will really take off this year and secure itself as a fixture in the village, irregardless of the weather! Our newest member is Roisin, with her cute, creative and playful jewellery fashioned out of Fimo clay. I had to buy the little Cupcake earrings from her, and judging from the orders being placed around me it sounds like every stall will have a custom pair before too long!
This week's "cupcake special" was a Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcake with a Lemon Glaze, and though it didn't sell as well as the regular favourite, there was still only 2 leftover and thankfully so as they'd been reserved beforehand! The mixture was quite easy to make and produced a very light result (thanks to the addition of yoghurt no doubt) but I'll be tweaking the recipe if I make them again, they just needed an extra dash of sweetness so that should be easy enough to do. I'll post the recipe(s) if anyone's interested? I'm already thinking about what to make for next week...

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