Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week 6: A very full stall...

... and it's all gone!!
I had baked Cupcakes (Choc & Vanilla, incl. mini ones), Banana Bread, Peanut Butter Cookies AND I used some leftover Lemon Pound Cake mixture to make a few cupcakes with a Lemon Glaze... and I have nothing left now! I didn't sell everything (the PB Cookies were given to the kids of a friend of mine) and half the Banana Bread was eaten by me & a few others, but it's all gone! :) I was half-hoping that I'd have a dozen cupcakes leftover to bring to my friend's place for dinner tonight but I guess I'll have to bake fresh ones now! I'm just chilling out for a few minutes now before I start back into it again, I've a Carrot Cake to make for a neighbour too so I think I'll be skipping baking for the Munster Indoor Market tomorrow. I'll go along and give Collette a hand of course but I can't see myself having the energy to bake MORE cupcakes tomorrow morning!! :)

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